agency registration

Prerequisites for representation

1- Citizenship of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran
2- Belief in Islam or another official religion of the country
3- Competence, good reputation, and no criminal record and no drug addiction
4- Having an academic degree
5- Having employment conditions according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, not being prohibited from trading and ...
6- For legal applicants: Providing the Statute, establishment publication, a latest official newspaper, and the announcement of the latest changes of the company
7- Photograph of identity card or national card and for legal applicants to present the identity documents of the members of the board of directors
8- Completing the application form for representation (Please register and become a member of the Atawich site before completing the application form for obtaining representation)

Representation form

اخذ نمایندگی

name *

last name

phone number





    • In the absence of the above conditions, Your Excellency's request cannot be examined, therefore please be accurate in completing the documents.
    • Accepting the applicant's application and documents, conducting an interview, or participating in training courses will not impose any obligation on the company to grant points to the applicant.

•    Qualified applicants will be invited for an in-person interview.


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